Free Downloadable system presentations

These presentations are designed for small/medium sized companies, who do not have anything like the project budgets and resources available for new business systems projects, but who’s requirements are often as complex as their much larger counterparts. The advice therefore is aimed at being practical, rather than necessarily following formal and ‘recognised’ methodologies to their full extent.

Systems - Narrow down the options
Systems - Narrow down the options.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [479.1 KB]
Systems - Selecting Supplier and Negotiating Best Terms
Systems - Selecting Supplier and Negotia[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [349.1 KB]
Systems - Implementing the chosen system
Systems - Implementing the chosen system[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [353.6 KB]
Moving Distributor - Not just a physical move, it's a Systems move
When moving Publisher distributor it's not just the physical move of stock and associated services to consider but also all of the IT systems implications and integration
Moving Distributor.pdf
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